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Stories from our students

Visiting Taiwan

Buddhist Studies graduate Justin Stein is now in Japan on a two-year postdoctoral fellowship. He is working on language study and writing. Justin recently went to Taiwan to visit his friend Erik Schicketanz, currently at Academica Sinica, and as they visited religious sites carried their HCBS bags. Here they are in Wulai, Taiwan.

Our days began at sunrise

Undergraduate Sasha Manu experiences the joys and rigors of life in a monastery, by no means an easy experience, but, paradoxically, he found freedom through the restrictions of daily monastic life.

Traveling through a valley of flowers

I have the sense in Tibet that the land is alive. It reads like a manuscript punctuated with white Buddhist stupas and illustrated with painted rocks and caves high in the mountainside. Triangles and circular structures made of prayer flags mark where the local gods inhabit the mountains and lakes.

Buddhist texts and life in Nepal

Nepal is a place full of opportunities to learn about religion, as well as humanity and its resilience. After the devastating earthquake, people continue their practice of the Dharma despite economic and political difficulties. Inspirational is one of the many things one could call this experience. My research in Nepal is not over but has just begun.

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